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Wish – Grape Yogurt

Delight in the pleasure of tasting grape yogurt vapor flavor. This unique combination of smooth and creamy yogurt and sweet grapes
(60ml / 3mg Nicotine)

Warm – Mango

This mouth-watering vape juice is a tasty and delightful mango treat, the perfect flavor to kick back and relax with.
(60ml / 3mg Nicotine)

Brave – Mango Blackcurrant

Fresh mango flavor mixed with juicy blackcurrant fruit, the absolutely daily vape e juice all time.
(60ml / 3mg Nicotine)

Bless – Grape Apple

Perfect apple and delicious grape smashed together for good measure.
(60ml / 3mg Nicotine)

Peace – Peach

There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a juicy, fragrant, sun-ripened peach. This is a delightful peach flavor: sweet & tangy
(60ml / 3mg Nicotine)

Strength – Apple Strawberry

Our Apple & Strawberry is a perfect blend of these delicious fruits.
(60ml / 3mg Nicotine)

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