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Lemon Pudding

A creamy vanilla bean pudding with hints of lemon and our signature milk finish. This is not your momma’s snack pudding.
(60ml / 3mg Nicotine)


Banana Nutty

This is a rich dessert vape with notes of banana and nuts, together with the premium bread bakery aroma and undertones of sweet bread.
(60ml / 3mg Nicotine)


Fruity Loop

Fruit flavored breakfast cereal with hints of orange, cherry, and lemon with a creamy after note similar to the milk at the end of your bowl of cereal.
(60ml / 3mg Nicotine)


Picky Lace

A smooth and creamy trio of juicy ripe fruit. A perfect rendezvous of sweet and tart.
(60ml / 3mg Nicotine)


Coconut Mango

A delicious blend of Mango and Coconut moderately sweet and very much a treat.
(60ml / 3mg Nicotine)


Pink Lemonade

A delicious glass of pink lemonade filled to the brim with sweet juicy ripe guava.
(60ml / 3mg Nicotine)

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